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   What is Maya? I googled the word. Many definitions sprung up:
    • It is a Hindu term referring to the transitory, illusory appearance of the physical world that obscures the spiritual reality from which it originates.
    • The deluding or illusive power of the world; illusion by which the world is seen as separate from the ultimate singular Reality (atman)
    • Cosmic illusion on account of which the one appears as many.
    • Maya is the power of Brahmin, the creative aspect of God. It is also the cosmic illusion that creates ignorance and veils the vision of Brahmin. Due to the power of maya, Brahmin, the one Reality, is perceived as the manifold universe.
    • Sanskrit term denoting illusion, the physical world of appearances that surrounds us, blinding us to the reality behind it.

    But the most - significant - to me is:

    A term frequently met in Upanishads, signifies the inscrutable and indescribable power inhering in the projections of the Ultimate Reality (eg human body), in all the forms in the material universe making them appear as real, when in fact they are but shadowy substances.

    As a meditator for over 25 years, I daily experience, during meditation, pure consciousness, oneness, the Ultimate Reality, the bliss behind the illusions.

    However, it often disappeared in activity when I have been caught up in the world that seems so real.

    In February, 2007, I found, in Robert Scheinfeld's work, tools that allowed me to begin to bring that expanded consciousness into my daily life.

    He describes life as a game, a great amusement park. He choose to come here in order to play it. Everything we experience, we have created in order to allow us to play the game. We can divide our life's game into two phases. Some of us might choose never to go into phase 2; others, like myself, have been looking for the entry all our lives.

    • Phase 1 - the purpose of this phase is to hide from ourselves who we really are, powerful, infinite beings, who can convince ourselves that we are limited. Everything we experience in this phase is for the express purpose of making the world seem real, powerful and dangerous. Without these illusions we would not have been able to play the human game.

    • Phase 2 - the purpose of this phase is to reclaim our power as infinite beings, all the power that was required to keep our true natures hidden from ourselves. Once we have reclaimed enough power, we will be able to play the game without limits or restrictions

    To learn more about Robert's amazing program, just fill out the above form and you'llbe directed to his website where you can take his free guided tour.

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