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At Last - GVO is Here!

Yes, GVO is here and along with it terrific marketing training. Click Here to Get on The Trainingas well as get a $1.00 Trial to test out GVO.

If you'd visited this page before, you will have seen me rave about Marketing Burst. It's a great program, no doubt. I was reluctant to leave it, but Easy Video Producer introduced me to Global Virtual Opportunity I was getting the same as with Marketing Burst plus more, Kiosk and GVO Conference. so let me tell you . . .

    Easy Video Producer: is free. But I upgraded when I realized the value. I found this program through an email. Since I realize that video online is the wave of the now, I wanted some simple way of using it. Well. This was my answer and it's free! A simple to use recorder, templates you can embed your video in, hosting, publishing the whole thing without a cent. Your video can be up in minutes. Mine was. Of course you do need a webcam.
    Now Easy Video Producer upgrade comes free with the GVO Titanium package.

    GVO Conferencing info. to come

      SEND OUT CARDS: I've been having so much fun with this. You can send out cards, via snail mail, easily and quickly. Here's how.

    • You choose the card you want out of thousands
    • You upload a picture, if you choose, for the front or inside of card.
    • You pull the recipient's name and address from your uploaded data base or type it in.
    • You click send
    • Someone at the other end, prints the card and envelope, sticks a stamp on nit and pops it in a mailbox for you.
    • Your surprised friends, family members, customers and prospects are thrilled when they receive it in their snail male box.
    • It really is a lot of fun and valuable to anyone who owns a business.
      I'll be happy to set up a free account for you and guide you through the process to test it out. Click Here for my website. When you get there, click on the banner and you can get a free walk-through, or better yet, Check out my phone number below and I'll walk you through it.

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